Wine Tasting

Wine Pairing Thursday

Join us every Thursday, from 5-7pm for wine pairings. Enjoy wines meat and cheese sections as you learn about how to make a perfect pairing. 


Cider: Schilling Hard Cider.
Meat Pairing: A custom sausage from Hook & Hock meatsmith.
Cheese Pairing: A selection form  Locavore’s Cheese Monger.


Wine: TBD
Beer: TBD
Meat Pairing: TBD
Cheese: Selection form Leevers Cheese Monger.

Local & NATURAL Produce at Leevers Locavore in Denver’s Northside Neighborhood

If you are in search of quality natural, fresh, and locally sourced food in Colorado, look no further than Leevers Locavore. We are conveniently located in the Northside neighborhood near Sunnyside, Tennyson, Berkeley, and the Highlands. We are a unique experience that lets you dine in, sip-and-shop, or relax with a cup of coffee. Visit us at any time of the day to grab a meal or snack or enjoy a date night or happy hour at our bar. For local and fresh meat, dairy, produce, beverages, and more, trust Leevers Locavore to bring you the best Colorado has to offer.

We strive towards having every product be either Local, Natural, or Fresh, but not at the expense of quality or community needs.