Like eating? Like drinking? Like shopping for groceries? Like doing all three? Get to Leevers where you can grab a quick bite and take care of your shopping list with a coffee, beer, or wine in tow. No matter what time your day starts or ends, Leevers has you covered for food, drink, and groceries.

Leevers Cafe

Leevers has everything you could ever need to wet your whistle – and then some. Get your morning kickstart with a cup of coffee from Queen City Coffee, chill out with a cup of Kombucha or cold brew, or kick back after a long day with a Colorado-sourced beer or a glass of wine from the best local and global winemaking regions. We have an incredible happy hour menu that’ll make our store your favorite after-work haunt, so bring your co-workers in for a perfect wind-down. We believe in making our establishment a welcoming “third space” away from our usual environments of home, the “first space,” and work, being the “second space”. Leevers aims to provide a community hub similar to that of a church, library, or park. 


Basil Doc’s has been a Denver institution since 1996. Their staple menu items such as pizzas, calzones, strombolis, and breadsticks are cooked in an old-school deck style brick oven for an unforgettable flavor and texture. Basil Doc’s also keeps their recipes simple, using only the finest quality natural ingredients. No preservatives, no stabilizers, no chemicals, or other ‘weird’ items which ensures a superior product with ingredients you can feel good about.

One Two Three Sushi

One Two Three Sushi™ takes the best of traditional sushi menus, adds a dash of new flavors, and gives you the freedom to add what you want to your sushi rolls. This fast-casual dining option will have you satisfying your sushi cravings in just minutes. 


Culture Meat & Cheese is one of Chef Justin Brunson’s creations that has served the Denver area since 2016. For fans of charcuterie, this is the best place in Denver to put together the ultimate meat and cheese board. Their wide assortment of cured meats and artisan cheeses will leave every customer feeling a little more “cultured”!

Happy Hour Menu

From 3-7pm every day, Leevers has a way to make everyone happy! We know your life is busy, so come in and relax after a long day with a drink or snack with us! Whether it’s a Colorado-sourced beer or a glass of wine, Leevers has a drink waiting for you. As far as we’re concerned, this is the best place to spend an evening on 38th Avenue!

Shop Local, Shop Leevers Locavore

If you live in Denver’s Northside, Highlands, Sunnyside, Tennyson, or Berkeley neighborhoods, you must pay Leevers Locavore a visit and prepare to stock your shelves with food and beverage sourced right here in Colorado.  If you’re in need of local, natural, and organic products that help promote the healthy lifestyle that Colorado is known for, you’re in good company with your friends at Leevers Locavore.