Locavore Experience

Try the Leevers Locavore Experience

Just one look at Leevers Locavore and you know you’re in for a grocery shopping trip unlike any other. From the abundant produce section to the butcher shop, we have your needs covered. Leevers is committed to offering a wide selection of products on our shelves as well as a comfortable space for everyone in the Northside neighborhood and greater Denver area to enjoy. We also welcome those who just want a place to relax with a cup of coffee and a good book or to meet up for a date night after work.

Fresh Produce

While it’s not possible to source produce exclusively from the state of Colorado, we source our goods locally as often as we can. We carry the best produce each season has to offer and we work with farmers to ensure quality fruits and vegetables can always be found at Leevers. The best part about shopping local is that you know where your produce came from and that you know you’re creating a healthy future for the farmers of America.

Hook & Hock Butcher Shop

No junk. No fillers. Just the family farm-raised, hand-trimmed good stuff. The kind of stuff that makes skillets sizzle and taste buds tremble in anticipation. Sharpen your canines and put on your favorite eating pants. Hook & Hock features fresh seafood and local Colorado meats. And they aren’t going to eat themselves.

Sip & Shop

Here at Leevers Locavore, we encourage drinking and shopping. I mean, cold beer while buying groceries? Yes please! Whether it’s enjoying your morning coffee while picking up a few items for dinner or relishing in a glass of wine as you plan a party menu, we’ll fill you up with our selection of coffee, wine and beer.

In-Store Restaurants

All that grocery shopping work up an appetite? Not feeling up to cooking dinner tonight? Let one of our in-store restaurants do the cooking instead! Since we promote the spirit of community here at Leevers, we designed our store to serve shoppers, sippers, and eaters at all at the same time!

Chop Shop

Hungry but not in the mood to cook? Swing by our Chop Shop to enjoy the freshest fruits and vegetables prepared for you each day.  Whether it’s us taking the tears away by dicing onions for you or putting together a stir-fry veggie blend, we’ll take care of the preparation to make dinner easy. We’re also serving up fresh guacamole and pico de gallo for an at-home treat or to enjoy with a beer at the bar. You’ll also love our custom snack packs that are perfect for your busy lifestyle and highlight the best flavors of the season!

Shop Leevers Locavore & Support the Locavore Movement

Being a locavore means you prefer to buy only locally sourced food and beverage in an effort to support local farmers, growers, and producers. Rather than spending your hard-earned dollars on mass-produced products, consider shifting more of your purchases to Colorado-based producers who work tirelessly to support their business and operations. Come to Leevers Locavore in Denver’s Northside neighborhood and see the true value in supporting Colorado’s local businesses. You can rely on us to provide you with natural, local, and fresh foods.

We strive towards having every product be either Local, Natural, or Fresh, but not at the expense of quality or community needs.