The History Of Leevers Locavore

Leevers Locavore stems from a family-run company with 80 years in the food industry. Leevers Supermarkets was founded by Norm Leevers, who opened his first store in 1938 in Devil’s Lake, North Dakota. The Leevers team opened its first Colorado location in 1983 and has embraced numerous store formats and concepts over the years from Leevers Foods in Boulder to Colorado Ranch Market and Save-A-Lot. By learning to adapt to the changing grocery environments over the years, Leevers has thrived by being responsive to ever-changing customer needs.

When Denver’s Northside neighborhood was in need of local and fresh options at a value, the Leevers team answered the call and is excited to unveil their next innovative new concept.

Meet The Leevers

With four generations of family-run Leevers grocery stores and unparalleled customer service and value, we present you with the most unique food-buying experience in the Denver area. Our staff is committed to providing our customers with quality fresh, natural, and local goods sourced from all areas of Colorado.

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Leevers Locavore is 100% Employee Owned

When you shop with us, you support all of us.

We are committed to producing a unique experience for our local community. We partner with reputable producers, restauranteurs, and like-minded vendors to create a memorable food and beverage experience.

We think you’ll find that employee-owners care a bit more and love going the extra mile to make your shopping experience memorable.

Leevers Locavore: Denver’s Answer to Local, Natural & Fresh Grocery Stores

With 80 years of experience in running grocery stores in a variety of different formats, the Leevers family is entering the Denver area with our innovative take on a grocery store that incorporates some of the best elements of a food hall. Located at 2630 West 38th Avenue, you will not only find quality local and fresh food and beverages on the shelves, but also a coffee shop and bar that welcomes all who need a hot or cold drink. We serve the Highlands, Northside, Berkeley, Tennyson, and Sunnyside neighborhoods with the best Colorado has to offer. We look forward to doing business with local producers who work hard to provide their products to the wonderful people of Denver.

We strive towards having every product being either Local, Natural, or Fresh, but not at the expense of quality or community needs.