Fresh Produce
Shop our selection of farm-fresh produce, sourced from the finest local growers. We work with local farmers to ensure we stock all your seasonal favorites. Shopping local means fresh, quality produce, a stengthened community, and healthier environment.
Butcher Shop
Our butcher shop is stocked with quality beef, pork, and poultry products curated by Hook & Hock. Hook & Hock focuses on local sustainable meat and seafood, featuring River Bear American Meats.
Sip & Shop
Part of the Leevers Locavore experience is your ability to sip and shop! Whether it’s a cup of locally-roasted coffee or a draft beer brewed from down the road, we’ll provide the perfect beverage for your shopping adventure. Explore the aisles of groceries, visit one of our restaurants, or pick up some local produce all while enjoying your drink of choice.
In-house Restaurants
In addition to fulfilling your grocery list, we’ve partnered with some of your favorite local restaurants that serve up dishes for you to enjoy here or at home. Craving pizza? Grab a slice to enjoy on the patio or take a whole pie home for dinner. Want sushi? You got it! We’re also home to Denver’s best sandwiches and charcuterie for you to choose from. At Leevers Locavore you’ll always be able to have something unique on your plate!
Chop Shop
Swing by our Chop Shop to enjoy the freshest fruits and vegetables prepared for you each day.  Whether it’s us taking the tears away by dicing onions for you or putting together a stir-fry veggie blend, we’ll take care of the preparation to make dinner easy.
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Live Music

Live music every Saturday, from 3 – 6pm. Click for the lineup.

Wine Pairing

Wine and food sampling every Thursday from 5 – 7pm Click for the lineup.

Leevers Locavore: Northside’s Premiere Natural Grocery Store & Market

At Leevers Locavore, our mission is to create a community hub centered around food and beverage. We believe in redefining the local market in a modern and fun way. We believe in creating unique opportunities for quality local producers, our employee owners, and like-minded vendor partners. We believe that collectively we can do some good in our small part of the world and truly benefit the communities in which we operate.

Natural Local Fresh

At Leevers Locavore, our team is always working hard to find the best Local, Natural, and Organic products around. You might find us collaborating with a local brewery to have something special for our Bottle Shop, or teaming up with a local producer for a product you can’t find anywhere else. We’ve also got you covered on the basics if you simply need a loaf of bread or a dozen eggs.

We are Elevating Local Food.

Elevating Local Foods

Visiting our store will be a true culinary adventure, right from the moment you walk in the door and step on the original hardwood floors and gaze at the exposed steel beams. We are the kind of place where you can grab a quick latte and a seat at the window to start your day. Swing back for a quick lunch provided by your favorite restaurants in the area. To wrap up your day, wander the aisles with a cold beer or a glass of wine while you choose what’s for dinner—or a late evening treat!

Every time you come to Leevers Locavore, you’re guaranteed to see something new. From the freshest seasonal produce to your favorite local hot sauce to the everyday organic staples you need, Leevers Locavore has you covered. You’re guaranteed to see a friendly face, whether it’s one of our employee owners or one of your neighbors. Without a doubt, we’re going to be your favorite grocery store for years to come.

Leevers Locavore Natural Market in Denver’s Northside Neighborhood

Leevers Locavore is located in Denver’s Northside neighborhood at 2630 West 38th Avenue. We provide natural, local and organic produce as well as quality meats, cheese, bread, beer, wine, coffee, and many other products. Leevers Locavore plays host to local producers like River Bear American Meats, Queen City Collective Coffee, and many others. If you’re looking to purchase from the best producers Colorado has to offer, you can be sure to find them on the shelves at Leevers Locavore.

We strive towards having every product be either Local, Natural, or Fresh, but not at the expense of quality or community needs.